The Universe Made the Stars and then She Made You

The Universe Made the Stars and then She Made You tells the story of a young girl coping with abandonment by her mother, and growing up without the support of her mother. It addresses societal issues of women and dives deeply into the realm of mental health focusing on depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. It follows the main character in the third person, as she learns to love herself and establish her place in the world as a confident and compassionate young adult.

Pre-orders available. This book will be published in April 2021.


Book Details

Dimensions 152 × 102 mm

100 pages







Release date

April 2021





About The Author

Kylie Gifis

Kylie Gifis

Kylie Gifis is a 17-year-old poet from Elizabethtown, New York, a small town near the Adirondacks. When she's not cooped up in her library reading books or writing them, she spends time with her two younger sisters, and her cat named Matteo who often interrupts her work by walking across her keyboard. She enjoys cooking, theatre, running for her school team, traveling, learning new cultures, and reading enough poetry for a lifetime.


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