The South Forsaken

Sarah is a nurse at the Geelong hospital, going about her Boxing Day shift while her family recovers at home after indulging in the usual Christmas feasting. But when a wild-eyed patient is admitted that afternoon, she soon discovers a new virus taking root in the area.

Not wasting any time, Sarah and her family have to bug out before they too are taken out by the infected hordes amassing in the town. The virus is spreading rapidly and beers will have to be set aside in favour of running for their lives.

The South Forsaken is one family’s story in this zombie apocalyptic tale with an Aussie twist!

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Book Details

Weight 313 g
Dimensions 229 × 152 mm

218 pages







Release date

26 September 2015




Odyssey Books

About The Author

Rachel Drummond

Rachel Drummond

Rachel Drummond is the Geelong based author of The South Forsaken, and has just released the follow-up, The South Reclaimed, to excited fans both close to her home city (the setting for her novels) and internationally.

A lover of reading and horror, she combines her passions with knowledge taken from her work as a nurse to create an apocalypse that will have you looking over your shoulder.


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