Some keys open doors to strange worlds…

Melissa has a happy marriage but her everyday life is a constant battle against pain. She discovers that her artwork can produce magic, prompting her to apply for an artist’s retreat to a mysterious country house. Her old schoolfriends Bettina and Zelda are also at the same retreat. But neither the house nor their friendship is what they think. A mystical library, rapacious shadows, and keys to otherworldly rooms are the links to saving the house from destruction.

A unique fantasy about people whose stories, with all their oddity and excitement, seldom make their way into novels.

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Book Details

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 216 × 140 mm

316 pages







Release date

20 November 2020


Odyssey Books



About The Author

Gillian Polack

Gillian Polack

Gillian Polack is a writer, editor, historian, and teacher, with doctorates in both history and creative writing. Several of her novels have been short-listed for awards (as have other books) but the only award she has won for her writing was for a short story. She is a member of Book View Café and also blogs for the History Girls and for In her copious spare time she practises sarcasm, cooking, reading, photography, and narrative analysis.


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