You’re Never the Same

Dr Vince Hanrahan is still in exile down on Victoria’s southwest coast, serving out his time before returning to his wife and family and reclaiming his status as a big shot metro OBY/GYN. Well, that’s the plan. If he keeps out of trouble.

But trouble has a way of finding Vince. When his only brother commits suicide on the family farm, it looks like drought and isolation have claimed another victim. Or was there another reason? Then there is a local murder and Vince wonders if the two deaths are connected. Driven by guilt about neglecting his brother, he decides he must find out. The quest leads him to the gates of his alma mater, St Bernard’s College in Ballarat.

Meanwhile, back in the labour ward, Vince encounters another near catastrophe and saves the day with a risky delivery—a high wire act with no safety net—and his career is threatened. Again.

Personally and professionally, he’s facing oblivion. Maybe DC Elena Genovesi can help on both fronts.

“You’re Never the Same would be an excellent read for any lover of whodunits, especially those interested in the potential effects of the sexual malfeasance of clergymen. It is not an action-filled book, but it kept my interest, is entertaining and is a potentially accurate reflection of life for those who find themselves in similar circumstances.” 4.5-Stars

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Weight 600 g
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276 pages







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11 June 2019




Odyssey Books

About The Author

Bill Bateman

Bill Bateman

Bill Bateman practiced medicine for 25 years on Victoria’s rugged south-west coast before moving with his family to the city. Currently he works at an inner suburban GP practice and a drop-in clinic for the homeless. He was the author of a fortnightly (hopefully funny) column in The Australian Doctor, a national medical magazine, and now turns his pen to novel writing. The characters and setting of Hard Labour will appear in Bill’s future books.


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