Ten Journeys on a Fragile Planet

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Humanity is sliding toward a collision between global warming, resource depletion, and population growth. The evidence is daunting but we are hampered by anti-science demagogues who tell us everything’s okay, that we’ll run forever on our current course. The problem we are facing is on a global scale, far beyond any individual. It can be overwhelming and it is difficult to remain cheerful.

In Ten Journeys on a Fragile Planet, journalist Rod Taylor interviews ten outstanding Australians who have – and are – doing something to confront the perilous state of the environment. This book tells their stories.

The Activist: Simon Sheikh
The Solar Pioneer: Professor Andrew Blakers
The Maggot Farmer: Olympia Yarger
The Accidental Activist: Charlie Prell
The Thoughtful Salesman: Leonard Cohen
The Politician: Susan Jeanes
The Climate Game Changer: Inez Harker-Schuch
The Advocate: Professor Kate Auty
The Lady with a Laser: Monica Oliphant
A Question of Hope: Dr Siwan Lovett

‘The ten case studies, showing what dedicated people can achieve, give us hope for the future. This is an important book.’ – Dr Mark Diesendorf

‘With the massive bushfires fresh in our minds, we need a remarkable turnaround in policies and actions. The remarkable people who contributed to this book provide us with a wide range of ideas and actions to get us on the right track toward a sustainable future.’ – Professor Will Steffen

‘Since Homer the world has needed its heroes – people whose deeds and words inspire us, galvanise us, uplift us, afford us glimpses of a better future. In Ten Journeys on a Fragile Planet, Rod Taylor summons ten heroes for our time, the most perilous time that human beings have ever faced: real people, facing real challenges and setbacks, passionate, driven, courageous, wise, unbowed. If there is hope for humanity, he has distilled its essence.’ – Julian Cribb, author of Surviving the 21st Century

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About The Author

Rod Taylor

Rod Taylor

As a boy, Rod Taylor watched with fascination, the Moon landing. That sparked an interest in science that has never faded. An offhand remark by his father around the same time was his first environmental awareness, which has progressed from interest, to concern, and now to alarm.

Today, Rod is a Canberra-based science writer. Rod’s science columns have appeared in The Canberra Times newspaper and other publications for over 10 years. He broadcasts a weekly science show, and has appeared on ABC local radio, Radio National and the BBC.

Aside from media, his other background is in IT and business systems. He rides both a unicycle and an off-road motorcycle, and has fallen off both.

He has recently completed his book: The Edge of Silence: A sometimes grumpy, often quirky, always curious exploration of going deaf in a world of sound.

He is currently co-editing a compilation of major writers on the Green New Deal.

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  1. Mike

    In a world that seems increasingly mean, and where you question what you can do about it, it is refreshing to read a book like Fragile Planet. It tells the inspiring stories of ten people who in their own way are making a difference to the environment and planet. It shows that you too can make a difference however small, because collectively our efforts add up to something big. My full review here: https://courtofthegrandchildren.com/paddling-away-from-a-waterfall/

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