The Hatch

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“With technology becoming so complex and overriding ethical boundaries and our ever-expanding push into space, we have to develop our senses to their fullest potential. We have to evolve faster.” These are the words her mother spoke the night before she left on an EASA-sponsored mission in space. She never came back.

After her mother’s funeral, her brother also joined EASA. He went missing too.

Having lost both mother and brother, Britta Tate does not want to go with EASA when they come for her at age thirteen, but she doesn’t have much choice. They process her as a psychic intern and begin a grueling regiment of training. Ten years later, she is accomplished at many psychic abilities, but she is frustrated that her astral searches have been unable to track down her brother. Perhaps he just doesn’t want her to find him.

And why does the number forty-nine keep appearing?

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Weight 400 g
Dimensions 216 × 140 mm

270 pages






Science Fiction

Release date

31 December 2019




Odyssey Books

About The Author

Michelle Saftich

Michelle Saftich

Michelle Saftich resides in Brisbane, Australia, with her husband and two children. She holds a Bachelor of Business/Communications Degree, majoring in journalism, from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). For the past twenty years, she has worked in communications, including print journalism, sub-editing, communications management and media relations. In 1999, she was named National Winner for Best News Story in the ASNA (Australian Suburban Newspaper Awards). Born and raised in Brisbane, she spent ten years living in Sydney; and two years in Osaka, Japan, where she taught English.

3 reviews for The Hatch

  1. Clare Reads Books

    The Hatch is fast, gripping sci-fi that won’t let you go. Britta, a psychic intern in Earth’s combined space program, searches across the galaxy for her missing mother and brother. The mix of science and psychology is entrancing, the world-building is insanely realistic (so easy to imagine Earth ending up this way!), and the characters feel like friends for life. If you love smart and emotionally satisfying sci-fi, this is for you.

  2. Eugen Bacon for Aurealis Magazine

    The Hatch opens with a beautiful first line and a robust prologue, and is reminiscent of Star Trek’s intergalactic fleets and hierarchy of crew in shiny tight suits. Michelle Saftich’s first foray from historical novels into science fiction comes along with a rogue asteroid, weapons trading, child-like aliens and the beatific world of Nattalia—a liveable destination in space. Hibernation capsules and cyrosleep make possible massive time jumps. There are holograms, programmed droids and blaster action with deadly intent—all things of fascination to fans of hard sci fi.

  3. De’Shilee Dobson

    This is the first time I’ve read a book about space but I love anything that relates to “magic” or having powers. I feel any great story has a little love interest; the story line between Cal and Britta was perfect from the beginning. You were able to watch it develop as young teenagers into young adults falling in love with each other but at the same time allowing Britta to still be who she is and not compromise her character for love.

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