Only Freaks Turn Things Into Bones

It’s Little Grim’s first day at his new school.

He’s excited about making new friends, but the other kids don’t like his talent for turning anything he touches into bones. They call him “freak” and “weirdo” and refuse to play with him.  Little Grim runs away to hide but ends up learning something very important about being different.

Written and illustrated by two artists who were victims of bullying themselves, Only Freaks Turn Things Into Bones uses darkly gothic humour to address the very real issue of being different.

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Book Details

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 297 × 210 mm

40 pages






Illustrated Fiction, Junior Fiction

Release date

17 May 2019




Publisher Obscura

About The Author

Steff Green

Steff Green

Steff Green is an author, blogger, metalhead and alternative wedding celebrant living in an off-grid home on 4 acres of rural paradise in New Zealand with her cantankerous drummer husband, her cat Socrates, a menagerie of farmyard animals, and their medieval sword collection.


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