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Tracy M Joyce is an Australian author of speculative fiction. Tracy has long been a fan of the fantasy genre, but particularly likes novels that deal with deep characterisations and that don’t flinch from the gritty realities of life. This and her fascination with the notions of “moral greyness”, that “good people can do bad things” and that we cannot escape our past provide the inspiration for her writing. Combine that with her love of history, horses and archery, and you have Altaica.

She grew up on a farm in rural Victoria, in a picturesque dot on the map known as Glenburn. She spent half of her childhood riding horses and the other half trying to stay out of trouble – the only way she did that was by reading books and writing stories. She now lives in Melbourne with her husband, two cats and two (very) lazy greyhounds.

What drew you to create the world of Altaica?

I had a recurring dream which will be a scene in the fourth book set in the world of Altaica. I knew I had to get it down on paper and in the progress of a few days I had outlined the book. From there I wondered what the origin of this story arc was and created Altaica and Asena Blessed.

Are your characters and settings of based upon your own life experiences?

There are many people I know who help form the basis of characters in the books. Much of the outdoor experiences – archery, horse riding, country living, etc are based upon my childhood.

What adventures can we expect your characters to take in future books?

Future books include a story set in the world of the major villains, the Zaragarian Empire. Isaura, the main protagonist in Altaica, flees from them in that book. There will also be novels featuring a new generation of characters when the Zaragarians try to expand their empire and reach Altaica.

How many books have you written? 

I’ve written two books, Altaica and Asena Blessed, and have nearly finished a third – Rada. I have an urban fantasy in planning stage as well as some short stories.

What would you say is your biggest accomplishment? 

Actually finishing Rada will probably count as that. Though I think expanding my skills into audiobook narration would probably count.

What advice would you give a young writer trying to get published? 

Sit down and write and don’t let your inner demons stop you.

Describe your writing style in three words.

Fast paced. Cinematic.

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