Amazon Prime Day

Love them or hate them, Amazon has the biggest range of books and other products on the internet. To help you make the most of this huge sale, we've curated a list of books you might want to check out. Don't have a Prime account? Sign up for a free trial here: Not only do you get free shipping, but the subscription gives you access to Kindle Unlimited, Amazon Music, and Amazon TV (Outlander anyone?). Here are our staff picks: Katya de Becerra's What The Woods Keeps is fantastic. A dark mix of the principles of physics and Norse mythology...

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Birthday Book Sale!

Odyssey Book is 10 years old this July. Help us celebrate in our biggest book sale yet! This weekend only: A Perfect Square, by Isobel Blackthorn Across two continents, two sets of mothers and daughters are bound by a dark mystery. On a winter’s day in the Dandenongs, Victoria, pianist Ginny returns home to stay with her eccentric mother and artist, Harriet. Consumed by disturbing dreams, speculations and remembering, she tries to prise from her mother the truth concerning her father’s disappearance and why, when she was seven, Harriet abducted her. In an effort to distract her daughter’s interrogations, Harriet...

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Canberra's own pop culture event, GAMMA.COM, is not far away so we thought we'd flash back a couple of years to Odyssey intern Kate's first time at the convention. (This post was first published at Internal Phrasing, a blog for Odyssey interns to share their experiences with other young people wanting a career in publishing.) It was a couple of weeks ago now that I attended my first GAMMA.CON, Canberra’s answer to Comic-Con. Being my first experience not only of GAMMA.CON, but in fact any Con, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. At first I did a loop around...

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