FleetWalker (GriffinSong Trilogy #3)

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Irenya O’Neil may be able to summon light from the stars, but is it enough to light the way through her darkest moment yet?

Her son Mikey is the realm’s new MageGate. Once again, the people of Dar Orien rejoice, ignoring the danger in relying on one source of power. Lose him and they lose everything.

Having found a new home and the love of an archprince, Irenya is beginning to accept her powerful gifts. But in the world of Dar Orien, her challenges are far from complete. She has come a long way from the terrified young woman who stumbled into Dar Orien with a shopping trolley. Can she now convince those in control that her way of accessing power is not a danger, but a pathway to new possibilities?

The words of the dying seer Fis burn in her mouth as she risks her life in her adopted world. The traitor Riadan is still plotting, and Irenya fears that he plans to take down Elaaron and claim the realm for himself. Until he’s found and stopped, no one she loves is safe.

As a MageVoice seer, Irenya’s visions will make the people of Dar Orien question all their beliefs. If they refuse to adapt, the realm can never be secure.

And how long can she ignore the ache that Mikey still believes he is her brother?

Can Irenya help to save her home, Dar Orien, and all whom she loves once and for all? Find out in this epic conclusion to the GriffinSong Trilogy!


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23 August 2023


Odyssey Books



About The Author

J Victoria Michael

J Victoria Michael

Judith Michael (J Victoria Michael) is a story-teller with an insatiable curiosity for other dimensions, time travel, and fantastical places. Her loves are music, mostly classical, and dance, from ballet to flamenco. Judith’s short stories have won various awards and have appeared in print and online. Born and raised in New Zealand, her imagination is indelibly drawn in pristine landscapes and dotted with fantasy castles. Judith lives in Melbourne, sharing her home and her somewhat neglected garden with a bossy ginger cat.

1 review for FleetWalker (GriffinSong Trilogy #3)

  1. ClareReadsBooks

    The long-anticipated third volume in the GriffinSong trilogy is just maybe the best of them all. Fantasy lovers, if you haven’t started on this series, now is definitely the time, because you’ll be able to binge all three. Heaven.
    Irenya O’Neil, a native of everyday Melbourne Australia, is back in Dar Orien, carrying dark memories and bright hopes for the future, but other players have wicked plans for the realm. Irenya, as an outsider whose ability to fleetwalk is different from the rest of the Gifteds in Dar Orien, has to push herself to her absolute limits to overcome a murderous plot of treason and mayhem. But even that might not be enough. With her son Mikey, the realm’s only MageGate, in the clutches of the traitors, the future of everyone is threatened.
    Cue adventure, danger, quest, and wagering everything … No spoilers!
    Happy sigh. This is fantasy in the best tradition, but also with an intelligent, wise eye that queries tradition and asks it to do more, go further, look more compassionately.
    I’m planning to re-read the entire series as soon as I can clear my decks, but I’d also love author J Victoria Michael to consider a companion volume to the GriffinSong series. I would love to hear more about fleetwalking, its origins, uses, history etc; more about the griffins (please!), more about the worship of Meia, more about how Irenya and lovely archprince Elaaron transform the land of Dar Orien with their new knowledge.

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