GriffinSinger (GriffinSong Trilogy #2)

The dying seer’s words spell doom for Irenya. If she stays in Dar Orien to save their way of life, she might never see her infant son again.

Hopelessly lost in the desert of Midrash, Irenya faces the legendary griffin and, without fanfare, a new seer is silently declared. An act of revenge delivers Irenya the knowledge she needs, but her return to Melbourne is tragically far from anything she had imagined.

An alien in her own world, she must decide her fate and that of her son Mikey. Out of time and place, Irenya braves new challenges and meets a fleetwalker, who teaches her something of his art. But civil unrest turns to outright conflict. Dar Orien is on a knife edge, and Irenya gives herself permission for a dangerous undertaking.

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Book Details

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 216 × 140 mm

280 pages







Release date

18 February 2021


Odyssey Books



About The Author

J Victoria Michael

J Victoria Michael

Judith Michael (J Victoria Michael) is a story-teller with an insatiable curiosity for other dimensions, time travel, and fantastical places. Her loves are music, mostly classical, and dance, from ballet to flamenco. Judith’s short stories have won various awards and have appeared in print and online. Born and raised in New Zealand, her imagination is indelibly drawn in pristine landscapes and dotted with fantasy castles. Judith lives in Melbourne, sharing her home and her somewhat neglected garden with a bossy ginger cat.


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