Foley Russel and That Poor Girl

When Foley Russel is assigned a book report and to interview a character from that book, he hopes for someone interesting like a circus midget or a Formula One driver. He’s not anticipating a girl in a wheelchair, and he’s certainly not expecting to like her. After all, she’s not even normal, is she?

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94 pages






Junior Fiction

Release date

21 August 2010




Odyssey Books

About The Author

Rebecca Bloomer

Rebecca Bloomer

Rebecca Bloomer is a Melbourne-based adventuress with a keen interest in everything. Rebecca’s favourite writing aids are:

*long walks (often in someone else’s shoes) *big dreams (day, night and especially in meetings) *a decent sense of humour (her own or someone else’s, it doesn’t make too much difference) *curiosity (ever wondered why cats look so smug?) *observational skills (thus the contact lenses) *quiet determination (the loud kind causes headaches)


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