Court of the Grandchildren

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Lily Miyashiro lives much as any twenty-nine-year-old in 2050’s America. Her job is busy, resettling climate refugees from the coastal cities. Then she gets a call. She has family she never knew about. And they want something from her she doesn’t want to give.

Lily is one of the young, reliant on artificial intelligence and facing an uncertain future.

David Moreland was a bigwig during the world’s golden age. He is old and almost forgotten…until he is drawn into the realm of the Climate Court. Now a whole generation seeks to condemn him.

When Lily meets David, she is forced to confront events from her past that she would prefer to forget. Feeling trapped, she hires a young lawyer. Is it to defend David, or to deny the past?

In a world that seems comfortably like the present, hints of sinister differences begin to emerge, and the stakes are raised beyond David’s fate.

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Weight 400 g
Dimensions 216 × 140 mm

316 pages






Drama, Science Fiction

Release date

23 March 2021


Odyssey Books



About The Author

Michael Muntisov and Greg Finlayson

Michael Muntisov and Greg Finlayson

Michael Muntisov's professional expertise was in making drinking water safe. He was the editor of a non-fiction book on water treatment, proceeds of which were donated to Water Aid. After a global consulting career spanning 35 years, Mike finally got around to writing his first work of fiction. Before he knew it, he was a playwright as well.

Having played in a rock band during his University days, Greg Finlayson has recently returned to the music scene, where with his teenage daughter he does improv Jazz sets at local clubs. During the day, Greg consults for water authorities around Australia and the USA in fields such as desalination, integrated water management and climate change planning.

2 reviews for Court of the Grandchildren

  1. Dr Bob Rich

    Court of the Grandchildren is set in 2059, but is a powerful critique of our times. The youngsters of today are the old people, suffering prejudice as “burners:” those responsible for widespread death and destruction. While this is actually an accurate judgment — we are indeed responsible for inevitable future death and destruction — that doesn’t justify the hateful acts of discrimination that mirror what we see today directed at anyone slightly different from us.
    The story starts with old David saying to his only surviving relative, Lily, “I want to die.” He legally needs her agreement. From this dramatic beginning, we go through a series of plot twists that lead to David being tried in the Climate Court to examine if he, as a prominent public administrator, was guilty of actions that led to the climate catastrophe. We follow the court hearing, interspersed with other gripping events, to a thoroughly satisfying ending.
    Highly recommended.

  2. David Nash (verified owner)

    Great read. Entertaining, emotional and exploring many themes that affect the future of humans on earth. Through the eyes of the two protagonists, set in the future, the book explores the issues of climate change, artificial intelligence, responsibility, blame, pragmatism and reconciliation. Truly a book for our time which makes you think about how we will be judged in the future.

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