76-Year-Old Author Maris Morton Releases New Book, The Herb Gardener, to an Enthusiastic Response


Australian independent publishing house Odyssey Books has announced the release of acclaimed 76-year-old author Maris Morton’s latest book The Herb Gardener to the excitement of her many fans.

It’s never too late to follow your dreams. That becomes clear when you take a look at the story of Odyssey Books author, Maris Morton, who’s only a few years into her career as an award-winning writer. This is remarkable since Morton is 76 years young, having published her first novel at the age of 71. Morton’s latest book The Herb Gardener will be published in paperback on 17 June; the ebook is already receiving enthusiastic reviews.

“It feels good to be a published author,” she commented. “I learned to appreciate country life during the two decades I spent in Western Australia. The people and places I encountered there are etched in my memory, and provide the raw material for most of my stories.”

The Herb Gardener tells an exciting, romantic and suspense-filled tale of a young woman who leaves behind her life in the city to live in the country and find love. Danger quickly follows as the plot develops and the twists and turns displaying Morton’s strengths as a storyteller and her insight and experience as a human being.

In 2010 Ms Morton won the prestigious CAL Scribe Fiction award for A Darker Music.

The early response to The Herb Gardener has been overwhelmingly positive. Robyn Koshel recently said in a five-star review, “I am a big fan of Australian fiction and this book exceeded expectations. It was the perfect blend of mystery and romance. From the start you are dropped right in the middle of the action. Slowly you get to know these characters by deed and reaction; it is very refreshing not always to have to be told …”