Taking Baby For a Walk

On the blistering hot Sunday morning before Christmas, in the quiet country town of Stinky Gully, five-year-old Bree-Anna takes her favourite doll Baby for a walk.

Jake, passing through town, desperately hoping he can spend the day with his daughter, sees a chubby girl in pink get into a green car.

Eloise, bar maid and part time cleaner, distracted with protecting her ailing father from her junkie brother, sees pink clothes in loner Randall’s washing basket and doesn’t think twice.

Randall locks Bree-Anna’s precious Baby in a suitcase on top of a wardrobe. Bree-Anna begins to understand no one is coming to save her.

Available in print and ebook in July 2021.


Book Details

Weight 350 g
Dimensions 216 × 140 mm

240 pages






Drama, Thriller

Release date

20 July 2021




Odyssey Books

About The Author

Kathryn Gossow

Kathryn Gossow

Kathryn Gossow is a writer and sometimes gardener living in a two acre garden in a pocket of the Brisbane River. When she is writing, her garden is a mess. When she is gardening, she forgets to write. It seems she cannot have both. She writes for that elusive feeling when she gets into the zone and there is nothing else in the world but her and the words that tumble onto the page. Kathryn has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, won a commendation in the Australian Horror Writers’ Association Flash Fiction Competition and has a number of published stories out in the world.


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